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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Still here...

Well, we are still in the hospital since being admitted on July 5th for dehydration.  I guess Matthew got a little sick, and his body couldn't catch up.  Where someone else might just feel sick and rest for a couple of days, Matthew has such a high risk for dehydration since he doesn't have the large intestine to process the fluids.  His body still was recovering from his major surgery, which made him a little more fragile.  They also treated him for enterocolitis (infection/inflammation of the intestine).    He had several days of a couple of different types of antibiotic to treat that.  He is off the medication now and simply has the iv left.  It is taking this long just to get him hydrated again and everything balanced in his body.

They have also added a supplement to his diet for gaining weight again (he lost a lot of weight since the surgery, especially with this sickness and time of not eating anything).  They also have him taking something to slow the number of times he "goes".  They are hoping that this will help him to feel better and not dehydrate so easily again.   They interesting part is that I thought they were going to do that immediately following the surgery.. but Matthew was doing so well they sent him home.  And now that we are here, they are addressing everything and trying hard to get a good balance for Matthew so he can truly just be healthy and fine.  I am very grateful for the good care they are giving Matthew.

We've had our ups and downs.  They were changing the 'central line' in his leg and it started bleeding a lot; they have had to draw blood daily to check the levels, and that has not been fun because they sometimes couldn't get anything.  He has been trying to get back his appetite after being sick, and unfortunately the antibiotics he was taking can almost cause some nausea, so it was hard for him to keep anything down at first. Matthew has been such a trooper and really has pulled through this time.  He is eating better--although he is being a little bit picky, we are trying to work up the appetite again.
I'm not sure when we are going home. Matthew is going to have to let everyone know when he is ready and well.. and able to eat and drink normally again.
We do get to go out with the IV pole.  They have a great playroom we go as much as we can and we take walks in the garden and all around the lobby.  It helps to not be cooped up in here all of the time.  I have been here with him, of course.  Wes has been home Mon-Thurs. last week taking care of the kids and everything and coming to visit us.  My Mama took care of everyone on Friday, and we are so thankful.

Go, Matthew, go! Drink up :)

He wants to go home! 

It was also the 5th birthday of my favorite Joshua in the world on Thursday!  Matthew and I were so sad that we weren't home to celebrate with him.  Daddy took him to Red Robin for a special birthday lunch and then they came to visit us at the hospital.  I had just mentioned to one of the girls that works here in the playroom that it was Joshua's birthday and they were coming to visit, so she made a sign for Joshua and even wrapped up a couple of gifts for him.  It was so special, and I appreciated so much having something to give our to our boy.  I have been so blessed by the people here who really care and try to make the stay at the hospital the best it can be.  Joshua even had a birthday party and cake that night at Grandma and Grandpa Ottesen's house, and a visit from Grandma Lennertz too.  I told him I'd make him the T-rex cake that he requested after we got home, but I'm so glad that he had such a good day.  Here is our big 5 year old.

Thanks for continuing to pray for Matthew!  We are praying for a good balance, no more sickness or infection, and health for his life-- hospitals aren't fun: (  Sorry for not updating too often, we have just been waiting and healing.


  1. Just got to this blog. So sorry he is still sick...I guess part of adjusting to the surgery and all. Just got back from church with my mom. we have spent more time with her since she has been alone and was robbed. She's staying we me right no and goes home Monday. What room are you in? So sorry Amy and Matthew you are so patient. Love Sharon

  2. Sorry to hear about your mom being robbed, how awful. We are in room 609 C for now. Blessings to you, my sister Sharon.