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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Good times :)

After some not so fun times we have been so thankful and blessed lately. 

Matthew came home from the hospital on Monday, the 12th.   The day before, Sunday, had been a much better day.  Matthew got his appetite back and was eating and happy.  We went for walks all over.  Rosy, a blind, trained dog came into our room to visit and Matthew loved petting her and touching her nose. :)  And then, Santa came into the room.. a summer Santa dressed in Hawaii attire and giving presents.  I didn't find my camera quick enough, but here's Matthew looking at the toy he got: 

He's having fun :)

Matthew stepped on his IV and pulled it out, and they said we could just leave it out and watch to see how he was doing, as he was much improved and eating and drinking fine again.

Monday they said we could come home and we are so happy to be out of there and with our family again.  We visited the play room once more: 

We are so absolutely grateful that God took care of our boy and he is looking and feeling wonderful again.  We are grateful for the surgeons and doctors who really care and did their best to care for him and help get a good balance for Matthew.  And the nurses are amazing.  Matthew made friends with everyone, and they all wanted to hold him and would talk and wave and give high fives every time we saw them.  He had the same nurses for about 4 days and the morning nurse, Viti, loved him so much and said that she was his second mom, and the night nurse Jonathan was his buddy and would make him laugh and every time he saw him.  How awesome that Children's has nurses and playrooms and visits from dogs and Santa to make the stay as painless as possible.    Of course I hope we never have to  go back ! God is in control of our sweet baby.

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