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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Make up Birthday Party

Since Matthew and I missed Joshua's birthday party because we were in the hospital, we decided to have another one for him on Friday (July 16). 

On his real birthday, Daddy took him and the other kids to Red Robin, they stopped by the hospital where we gave him a gift (from the Child Life staff).  It was a great race track toy and a "Cars" writing set.  They also had made a sign for Joshua, which I got to add a note and pictures of dinosaurs to: 

My mom made a really nice dinner and cake for Joshua,  and he had such a nice party with everyone the night of his birthday.  The only thing he told me is that he wanted a T-rex cake.  And I was very happy to give him that...even though it's a bit belated!  Here is the creation: 

Super fun to make!  I made two cakes.. a rectangle and a square, and I cut and pieced it until it looked like a dinosaur. I used fondont to make the longest teeth, the eye, the hands and arms and the toenails,  also a bright red tongue in the mouth! :)  He's sitting on a bed of graham cracker crumb dirt. I made him blue because Joshua wanted it to be his favorite color.  And really, since no one has ever seen a dinosaur, who's to say they weren't blue?  I also used white chocolate chips to make the rest of the sharp teeth in the mouth and the toenails.  I love creating these cakes!  It really doesn't take that much time either, and it brings me so much joy to make our  kids so happy. 

And happy birthday again to our 5 year old.  :)

Having fun with the cousins: 


  1. U r so creative it is ridiculous! U should decorate cakes for a job. At home... AMAZING!

  2. Thanks, Jamie! I love it and have thought about doing it for a business.. just haven't done anything about it yet! For now I just love creating them :)