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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kids have the best ideas :)

So the other day, it was Kathryn's turn to choose what we were going to do.  She came up with... having a Monster party?!  (Not sure where that came from, but ok!) So, I asked her how we had a monster party and we went from there.  First, we created monster costumes.  We have a hooded monster towel, so that was one.
  Then we cut out eye holes in a brown paper bag, and glued on the mouth, nose, hair, ears made out of construction paper.  I think I first saw the bag over the head idea in the book "Olivia".  Super cute, and funny looking!! 

After we made the costumes we took pictures and practiced roaring!!

(The was the best I could get of Matthew ... he wouldn't keep either costume on :) )

 Our Monster Party agenda (as directed by Kathryn):
  1. Make costumes
  2. Practice Roaring
  3. Make a cake (Used a piece of leftover cake from the dinosaur cake...)
  4. Eat the cake like monsters..  no hands, making a mess 
  5. Play hide-and-seek
  6. Have a pillow fight
  7. Jump around to music
  8. The End

They had a blast, good idea, princess :)

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