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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Wesley

....will always come for me!

 I love the Princess Bride movie.  And I love that I am married to MY Wesley :)

I wanted to dedicate a post to my husband.  He had his birthday on March 3rd, and I have been so blessed to be married to my best friend.  He is everything I could want in a husband.  Man of God, hard worker, provider for our family.  He works so I can be home with our kids, especially as Matthew has needed me, and I am so grateful for that!

Wes is generous and kind.  Thoughtful of others. 

He is a great father to our kids.  He wrestles and tickles and plays with them.  I love to see how the kids love him.  But he is also a father.  He gets their respect and they listen to him right away.  I admire that.  He has such a good balance with them!

I love his humor.  He has a way of being so playful and is able to make any situation better.  He gets me in trouble too! I remember being in church in Yuba City. Our pastor was preaching a message and said something in jest about "Raise your hands if you feel abused by your spouse... just kidding, don't raise your hands". Well, Wes raised his hand, and I hit him.  Then I realized what he just made me do and I started laughing so hysterically until the pastor had to stop his sermon and have us explain what just happened.  All I could say was "He raised his hand, so I hit him".  Oh, Wes!

He is a perfect match to me.  Through every time that we have had, he is a rock.  He is steady to my emotional ups and downs.  He is encouraging and loving.

So excited to spend our lives together and be a family together.  It is my joy and such a blessing. You  remember at our wedding?  They asked if "I took Wesley to be my husband, etc." And I responded with a very heartfelt  "I DO!" with cheerful inflection.  Well.. I STILL Do :)  

Happy Birthday (although belated), My Wesley.  How I adore you!

I love this because it's such a "Wes face" ha ha!

Kathryn's birthday, Continued

We always take the kids to Red Robin on their birthdays.  They really enjoy going out, and they get a free meal.  Here are a couple of "phone pictures" from that night.  (A bit blurry... sorry. But she looks so happy!)

We also had a party on Tuesday the 15th.  We just had the family who lives next door come on over for dinner and cake.  We were planning on celebrating on the weekend and she was going to go to her ballet class that night with cupcakes.  But, she had a cold so couldn't go to ballet. boo! :(  I was determined to make the day special anyway, so we threw together a party really fast. 

The Rapunzel cake I made.  Probably the fastest cake I ever decorated. lol  (Imperfect, but she liked it)

Look at my hands! They are reddish from kneeding the purple into the fondant! Yep. That had JUST happened. 

My kids and their cousins :) 

Happy Birthday, my princess!

Flashback to February :)

I have seriously neglected my poor blog!  Without further ado, I am back with a vengeance. :)

Happy Birthday to our precious Princess Kathryn!  On February 15th, she turned 4 years old.  It amazes me how time has gone by. 

Kathryn had 3 separate birthday celebrations. Lucky girl! First, we were visiting Grandpa and Grandma in Menifee, so we put together a party, and family and friends came over.  Oh, she had such a great time!  I forgot my camera at home, but Wes saved the day with a few shots on his phone.

All gathered around the cake :)

Kathryn's castle cake. It was the cutest thing because the kids all helped put the candy all over.. and the m&m pathway

Matthew in on the action!

Lucky girl about to open her presents

Blowing out the candles. I think every kid wanted to help her do it!