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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kathryn's birthday, Continued

We always take the kids to Red Robin on their birthdays.  They really enjoy going out, and they get a free meal.  Here are a couple of "phone pictures" from that night.  (A bit blurry... sorry. But she looks so happy!)

We also had a party on Tuesday the 15th.  We just had the family who lives next door come on over for dinner and cake.  We were planning on celebrating on the weekend and she was going to go to her ballet class that night with cupcakes.  But, she had a cold so couldn't go to ballet. boo! :(  I was determined to make the day special anyway, so we threw together a party really fast. 

The Rapunzel cake I made.  Probably the fastest cake I ever decorated. lol  (Imperfect, but she liked it)

Look at my hands! They are reddish from kneeding the purple into the fondant! Yep. That had JUST happened. 

My kids and their cousins :) 

Happy Birthday, my princess!

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  1. I had a cake similar to that for my 6th birthday. However, that was years ago. lol