Photo by Sarah Stucky Photography

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Museum of Paleontology

I've been meaning to take the kids here all summer long, but we finally got to go, and the kids had such a great time. The museum is small and not at all overwhelming There is a lot to look at, and it is mixed with some things that are hands on.  Here's some pictures :)

So interesting!
Matthew was into it too!
Look at that face! They were amazed to see real dinosaur eggs
Trying to get Matthew to pose... lol
Dinosaur puzzle!
Matthew was fascinated by climbing the stairs
Digging for Fossils

Beach fun!

Canoeing in the Ocean! Auntie Grace, William, Joshua, Uncle Johnny  

It was such a fun place to go, because we could take turns in the canoe, and the rest of us could play in the water. What was wonderful was that there were no big waves, so the kids could play safely.  There were also birds, and Matthew loved chasing and feeding them. 

Playing.. with a bottle of Pedialyte :)
Ellen and Kathryn making sand castles
Joshua digging for Plesiosaurs.  (What else would he do?!)

Kathryn running on the beach
Grandma and Matthew
Auntie Sarah with Nathan and Kathryn

We also went to a sand "mountain".  They wasted no time in climbing it, jumping off of it. So fun!

Nathan getting ready for a jump
Matthew even was determined to climb to the top
Girls collecting shells
What a fun day. We also enjoyed the visit with Auntie Grace.  So sorry the whole family couldn't be here, but what fun to see her!
(Oh the look from Joshua.. so funny to me!)

Slip and Slide

Kids playing outside! We had a great time :)  They always get to play with Nathan and Ellen, cousins who live next door. It's so fun to see them play together and enjoy each other!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Strawberry cloth!

I finished a skirt for Kathryn, and she loves it.  (As do I! )  Using a tutorial found here .  It is ruffled and pretty and pink and has strawberries all over it.  So fun. 

I also used this wonderful material (bought at JoAnn's) to make an apron for my best friend's daughter.  I actually ended up making it reversible, which was fun.

Strawberry Side
And "Gardening Side" (as Kathryn said)
Love how the "pocket" turned out 

Oh how I love to make things.  Next up: I must sew something for my boys!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Painting Wooden bird houses!

Matthew painted some of the roof... but then got bored and tried to paint his high chair and eat the paintbrush... so I took over
Kathryn wanted it all green, so focused! She did paint a flower and grass on the back after it dried
Joshua painting.. with the dinosaur watching him. (That's an Elasmosaurus, in case you were wondering. Oh the things you learn as a boy's mommy!)
And my William, painting with a smile.

 Nathan and Ellen came over to visit, and did a great job on their tractor and telephone.  We love living close to cousins!

I then made a display above Kathryn's bed with the bird houses.  Since the kids are all sharing a room right now, I have to make a girl space in the boy's jungle room.  She had a fairy canopy I had to take down for space issues, but she still has pictures of  Tinkerbell all over her wall.  I found this adorable little shelf at a thrift store, and with the bird houses and Fairies from the Disney Store, I think it looks great! And the kids are so proud that their painted birdhouses are part of the decorations in their room.