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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beach fun!

Canoeing in the Ocean! Auntie Grace, William, Joshua, Uncle Johnny  

It was such a fun place to go, because we could take turns in the canoe, and the rest of us could play in the water. What was wonderful was that there were no big waves, so the kids could play safely.  There were also birds, and Matthew loved chasing and feeding them. 

Playing.. with a bottle of Pedialyte :)
Ellen and Kathryn making sand castles
Joshua digging for Plesiosaurs.  (What else would he do?!)

Kathryn running on the beach
Grandma and Matthew
Auntie Sarah with Nathan and Kathryn

We also went to a sand "mountain".  They wasted no time in climbing it, jumping off of it. So fun!

Nathan getting ready for a jump
Matthew even was determined to climb to the top
Girls collecting shells
What a fun day. We also enjoyed the visit with Auntie Grace.  So sorry the whole family couldn't be here, but what fun to see her!
(Oh the look from Joshua.. so funny to me!)

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  1. So good to see these pictures, Amy! It makes me a bit homesick--we have a lot of young family members to get acquainted and re-acquainted with when we get back!