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Friday, August 13, 2010

Painting Wooden bird houses!

Matthew painted some of the roof... but then got bored and tried to paint his high chair and eat the paintbrush... so I took over
Kathryn wanted it all green, so focused! She did paint a flower and grass on the back after it dried
Joshua painting.. with the dinosaur watching him. (That's an Elasmosaurus, in case you were wondering. Oh the things you learn as a boy's mommy!)
And my William, painting with a smile.

 Nathan and Ellen came over to visit, and did a great job on their tractor and telephone.  We love living close to cousins!

I then made a display above Kathryn's bed with the bird houses.  Since the kids are all sharing a room right now, I have to make a girl space in the boy's jungle room.  She had a fairy canopy I had to take down for space issues, but she still has pictures of  Tinkerbell all over her wall.  I found this adorable little shelf at a thrift store, and with the bird houses and Fairies from the Disney Store, I think it looks great! And the kids are so proud that their painted birdhouses are part of the decorations in their room.

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