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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Strawberry cloth!

I finished a skirt for Kathryn, and she loves it.  (As do I! )  Using a tutorial found here .  It is ruffled and pretty and pink and has strawberries all over it.  So fun. 

I also used this wonderful material (bought at JoAnn's) to make an apron for my best friend's daughter.  I actually ended up making it reversible, which was fun.

Strawberry Side
And "Gardening Side" (as Kathryn said)
Love how the "pocket" turned out 

Oh how I love to make things.  Next up: I must sew something for my boys!


  1. how very cute the cloth makes it so cute and summery

  2. They are both so cute! I love ruffly skirts!

  3. I saw your link up on another blog, and I wanted to check out your apron. I've been trying to find a simple enough way to make an apron. How did you do yours?

    Lori T @

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    Lori, I actually just was looking at an apron we already had, and was able to figure out and create one. They are surprisingly simple!

    Step one: Take material you want to use on the apron and lay it out. I then traced the outline of the apron on the cloth and cut out both front and back of the apron at the same time (making sure to allow a 1/4" seam all around)

    Step two: Make the straps. This was the most tedious part for me. The easiest way I found was to cut a strip that was about 2.5" to 3" wide and then whatever length you need the strap to be. Then you fold it and half, lengthwise.(Underside of fabric showing) and sew where the edges line up. Then you poke one end into the sewn strip and keep pulling and poking until it is right side out. Then you iron the strip flat.

    Step 3: Add any design to the apron. I wanted a pocket in the shape of a strawberry, so I made one and sewed it onto the strawberry cloth. You can attach ribbon, lace, buttons, pockets...endless options!

    Step 4: Pin the apron pieces together so the front side of the cloth is in the inside. The straps are a bit tricky to explain without pictures... (and I don't have any, sorry!) But it helps to lay out the the apron how you want it to look when you are done. With the strips you made, two will be pinned to the top as neck straps, and two will be at the waist. When we sew the apron together, we are sewing the inside of the apron, (the underside of the cloth,) and we are also attaching the straps. The ends are the only part of the straps that we see while sewing. ( I really wish I had pictures to explain this part better!)

    Step 5. Sew around the perimeter of the apron, leaving just a portion of the bottom un-stitched (about a 4 inch gap). I made sure to stitch the straps in really well by going over it a couple of times. It is also a good idea to prevent frays by doing a zig-zag stitch too.

    Step 6: Through the unstitched opening, pull the apron through until it is right-side-out. Iron it and admire your work!

    Step 7: Hand stitch the opening closed so it matches your other seams. All done! :)

    I hope that helps a bit. I know pictures would help the explanation a lot but, sadly, I didn't take any.

    Thanks again for stopping by! I'll try to answer any questions you may have.

  5. It makes sense. Thanks! I guess I just need to figure out the measurements by measuring my daughter.

    Lori T @

  6. Sounds good to measure your daughter. My daughter is 3 1/2 and these are the measurements for her apron:

    14 inches across on the bottom (horizontal)
    17 inches top to bottom (vertical)
    6 1/2 inches across the top (horizontal)
    18 inch straps