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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Wesley

....will always come for me!

 I love the Princess Bride movie.  And I love that I am married to MY Wesley :)

I wanted to dedicate a post to my husband.  He had his birthday on March 3rd, and I have been so blessed to be married to my best friend.  He is everything I could want in a husband.  Man of God, hard worker, provider for our family.  He works so I can be home with our kids, especially as Matthew has needed me, and I am so grateful for that!

Wes is generous and kind.  Thoughtful of others. 

He is a great father to our kids.  He wrestles and tickles and plays with them.  I love to see how the kids love him.  But he is also a father.  He gets their respect and they listen to him right away.  I admire that.  He has such a good balance with them!

I love his humor.  He has a way of being so playful and is able to make any situation better.  He gets me in trouble too! I remember being in church in Yuba City. Our pastor was preaching a message and said something in jest about "Raise your hands if you feel abused by your spouse... just kidding, don't raise your hands". Well, Wes raised his hand, and I hit him.  Then I realized what he just made me do and I started laughing so hysterically until the pastor had to stop his sermon and have us explain what just happened.  All I could say was "He raised his hand, so I hit him".  Oh, Wes!

He is a perfect match to me.  Through every time that we have had, he is a rock.  He is steady to my emotional ups and downs.  He is encouraging and loving.

So excited to spend our lives together and be a family together.  It is my joy and such a blessing. You  remember at our wedding?  They asked if "I took Wesley to be my husband, etc." And I responded with a very heartfelt  "I DO!" with cheerful inflection.  Well.. I STILL Do :)  

Happy Birthday (although belated), My Wesley.  How I adore you!

I love this because it's such a "Wes face" ha ha!