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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Matthew turned 2!

We love birthdays, and always celebrate at least a little bit :)  It is amazing to think of the journey Matthew has been on since his birth 2 years ago. 
He has come a long way since he was born and stuck in his little box in the NICU! Now, he is happy, healthy, full of life, and such a bundle of boy energy and joy!  To God be the glory and praise :)  

Things he is doing: 

He talks.  A lot.  He is a parrot and repeats everything we say.  He sings.  On his birthday we sang birthday songs to him, and he kept singing them to himself all morning.  He jumps and runs.  He climbs on everything.  The other morning he woke up early, snuck into the kitchen, moved a stool to the counter so he could reach food himself. He ate a tomato (something he shouldn't eat.. grr!)   Then I came in and told him not to do that.  He spent the next 5 minutes shaking his finger and repeating "No, kitchen. No, climb. Ask Mom, etc".  It was hard to keep a straight face.  I finally told him, "I'm glad you understand, Matthew.  Go tell Dad." ha ha.  

Matthew loves playing with his brothers and his sister.  He loves animals.  He knows how to open all of the doors and constantly is trying to escape out the front door.  (I have to bolt it.)  He says "NO" all of the time.  But he still loves hugs and will come up and kiss us all of the time.  Being 2 is busy and a lot of fun!

For his birthday celebrations, we first went to Red Robin last Saturday.  He got his own meal and balloons and ice cream.  He thought it was great that everyone was singing to him.

He keeps making this face when we take pictures.  He smiles and squints and turns away. :)

  On Monday night, we had a small celebration at our house.   I have been wanting to experiment with some different cake decorating techniques, (watching a little too much of "Cake Boss" lately!)  So I made him a "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" birthday cake.  So fun! 

Cake details:  The "house" part is cake, the foot/door, hand, slide, and Mickey head are made out of Rice Krispie treats.  I wanted to give a bit of texture, so I made the grass by coloring coconut green. I made modeling chocolate by melting a 14 oz package of candy melts, mixing it with 1/3 cup of light corn syrup and the color of choice.  So easy!  I let it sit for a while and then I was able to roll it out, or just press pieces together to cover the cake or krispies. I really liked the 'give' of the modeling chocolate.  The only thing I got annoyed with was the slide.  I couldn't get the color right, so I ended up putting blue frosting over it.  ha ha :)  Part of the fun and learning process I guess. Add a few little characters, and it's the Mickey Mouse clubhouse!

Matthew had so much fun playing balloons with Grandpa, (my dad). 

I also made a tiny cake shape out of Krispies, and frosted it, putting in the 2 candles.  It surprised me that my older kids thought that was the best part of the cake. It makes sense, right? Mickey Mouse made Matthew a cake? :)

 Happy Birthday, precious Matthew.  You truly live up to your name and are God's Gift to us!

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