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Monday, May 23, 2011

"Tangled" tower Birthday cake

This last week, my friend and I embarked on a cake making adventure.  It was her daughter's fifth birthday, and so to celebrate, we made a cake.

This was not to be just any old cake.  This was to be a masterpiece. :)

After doing some online research and some dreaming, we settled on making the tower from Disney's Rapunzel movie... along with cute figures to create a scene.

Here we go:

Players:  My friend Bety, her husband Mike, and me.
Mission:  Create a Tower from rice krispie treats, place on 1/2 sheet cake of chocolate cake, decorate with lots of detail and figurines from Disney store.
Mishaps:  Many! :)
Time:   5 days.

The basics: have a structure made (by Mike) to support the cake and the tower 

Packed rice krispie tower, the colored stuff is modeling chocolate. We did lots of packing, and shaving and shaping. Finally happy with the shape here :)

A straight line helps make the tower straight (thanks Mike!) Brick detail added

After the brick inlay was set, we wrapped with fondant and then cut away a 'crack' :

Bety cutting away the fondant. 

We covered the top with packed fondant too, and then started 'tiling' the roof with multicolored pieces of fondant

The front of the tower (it started to droop a bit.. boo. Rice krispies are heavy!)

The cake itself was chocolate with a whipped chocolate filling.  We placed it onto the cake board, used cake scraps to create a mountain and frosted the whole thing.  Then we covered it with fondant.  The board was exactly the size of the cake, and instead of cutting it back and smaller, Mike made another board and screwed it into the original cake board. Because it wasn't heavy enough already.  haha :)
Here you see the basic cake. We replaced the river shape with a piece of blue fondant. And you see the details we added to the tower of the grey brick planters and wood detail (modeling chocolate) 

 Here is where the real fun began. We added all of the details! Royal icing made, vines up the tower, grass and leaf detail, 3D flowers placed, and chocolate rocks. I think it was about 4 am on Saturday morning.. day of the party.  We finally finished and the sun was out and gorgeous.. 6 am :)
Back of the cake

Left side

Front of cake. Modeling chocolate whimsical bridge and the blue piping gel swirled over the piece of blue fondant

Check out Pascal on the roof! And 3d fondant flowers in the windows.

Trees also made of modeling chocolate, leaves of piped royal icing

Felt sorry for those having to transport this! yikes! But they did fantastic and it made it without any issues :)

 Bety created the flower for Mother Gothel!  And Maximus is about to step on the Wanted poster of Flynn Ryder.

 All in all. One awesome experience.  After a couple days of rest I'm ready to do another specialty cake. .. maybe! I loved working with Bety, it's the best to be able to talk about ideas together and make details that I wouldn't have thought up. Plus a little late night induced giggling!

Happy Birthday to their sweet girl! :)


  1. I am so impressed! What a wonderful memory for the children!

  2. That is amazing! Great work! I'm sure it was a bit hit! I would love for you to share this at my For the Kids link party! I'm sure my followers would love them too.

  3. It makes me tired just to think of all the work you put into this Amy, but it is wonderful. Congratulations on a job well done!