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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Relying on the Lord's strength

Isaiah 40:31
but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint

So our sweetie went to the ER again last night :(   The Lennertz family has been a little sick for a few days.  Kathryn has been coughing and said her tummy hurt, but thankfully she is better.  Joshua ran a fever of 102.3 on Sunday, and has been complaining of slight headaches and body aches.  With rest and relaxing with movies and toys on the couch, he's getting better too.  Yesterday Matthew all of the sudden started feeling sick.  He didn't want to eat or drink anything so I forced him to eat a popsicle to make sure he had some liquid.  At 4 pm he threw up twice and I took him to the doctor.  She said to take him in to CHLA if he threw up again because we can't risk dehydration in our boy.  He had liquids, and a few bites of dinner, but he threw up at 9--so I took him in.  They watched him through the night as he started to drink some, gave him IV fluids to make sure that he didn't dehydrate, and we were home by 4:30 am.  Today he is doing great! We are just a bit weary, as it seems like any little stomach bug or any little sickness can send him over the edge of dehydration right now. 

We are praying for full healing for Matthew.  It seems as though he is fully recovered from surgery.  It is amazing.  It hit me a couple of weeks ago that I was finally so happy that the surgery happened.  Matthew no longer has the bag, and it is such a relief! He doesn't even complain when he 'goes' any more.  He can poop out of his bottom like everyone else, and the rash is under control.  It comes and goes, but it is not nearly as acute as it was the first few weeks after surgery.  Matthew isn't 'going' so much anymore either.  God has been healing him, and Matthew's body has been getting stronger. He is obviously a little more 'fragile' right now.  He doesn't have a colon and is not even 2 months out of surgery yet. But I trust that God will continue to bless him and pour His healing touch all over him, and protection and grace over his life. 

So glad that we can truly rely on the Lord's strength through every trial right now.  Knowing He is in control makes all of this bearable.

Thanks for praying with us.  God is so very, very good !

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