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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pre-Christmas fun!

We have been having a blast around here lately.  Christmastime is so full of fun!

My mom and I took the kids to see Santa:

Matthew started rolling on the ground?! Ha ha!

Joshua and Santa

Kathryn telling Santa that she wants a Rapunzel dress 

Matthew wasn't quite sure about Santa, but he sat on his lap for a minute

William and Santa

 Esther watched our kids one day and made Reindeer cupcakes with them. Aren't they adorable??

 And then  Karen came over and made sugar cookies with the kids one day:

And then we had a big party and made a gingerbread "Scene" and decorated all of the sugar cookies too:  

Isn't this great!! Ha ha! Notice the pile of  marshmellows.  The kids were told (ahem) that it was snowman poop... so it ended up all over. 

Catching Tim snacking!

Matthew was decorating too!

Karen and Kathryn making cookie art!

Ellen snacking! :)

A sample of  the cookies we made

We had a Christmas celebration on Sunday night, since my sister Margaret and brother in law Bob, were here for a quick visit.  What fun!  We did the whole thing, dinner, desserts, presents...

We always end our Christmas celebration with reading of the Christmas story and singing carols together.  A tradition I want to always keep. Our focus is on Christ as HE is the reason we celebrate!

Oh the wonder of Christmas! It is such a joy to experience it through our kids' eyes.

Some more baking, cleaning, decorating, wrapping, and the big days will be here soon!!

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