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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day after surgery

Thank you, thank you for your prayers and support during this difficult time. 
Matthew is doing well, and right now is resting peacefully.  I picture Jesus, holding Matthew as he rests and recovers.  

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."  Matthew 11:28

So, a few details:
My mom came with me and Matthew yesterday to the hospital.  We arrived about 9 am and checked in, and did all of the check ups to make sure he was doing well.  Then Matthew played and played in the playroom until he was called.  About 11:00 am they took us into the room where we talked with the doctors and nurses and gave him a little dose of medicine to "relax him". 
At 12:30 pm we kissed him goodbye and they wheeled him into the Operating Room.  The surgery was over by 6:30 pm, and we talked with the surgeon, then finally got to see Matthew again at 7:15 pm.   We spent 3 hours in the recovery room as they wanted him to fully wake up before moving him into another room.  What a day!

The surgery was a great success.  Our surgeon did exactly what he planned on doing... which was to go in laparascopically, remove the large intestine, and then connect the end of the small intestine to his bottom.  (They call it a pull down surgery).  It took an extra hour because he at first wasn't happy with how the intestine was laying, so he  re-did the pull-through and now is very happy with the results.  I praise God for His guidance as he led the doctors, that he wanted to make sure it was perfect. 

Matthew has been okay.  They have been managing his pain as well as they can.  He has tubes and wires everywhere though... poor baby.  The IV on his foot gives him fluids as he can't eat or drink yet... and he had antibiotics as well.  He has a catheter to keep his bladder empty.   He has a tube in his nose that is draining anything in the stomach to keep him from having the discomfort of gas or anything passing through his bottom yet.  And he has the leads attached that monitor his heart rate and oxygen, etc.  And he has mitts on his hand so he doesn't pull out the nose tube..

Last night was a rough night as he was trying to rest, but kept waking up due to discomfort or pain.  He has been getting pain medicine  as needed, and that has helped to make him more comfortable, thankfully.  

Today has been a better day.  Tonight he was playing and smiling and making his sweet noises a little bit.  Matthew has shown such strength, and God has been so present, loving and healing our boy. 

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