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Friday, June 4, 2010

Day #2

Things are so much better today!   Praise be to God! 

Matthew has had to have a bit of the pain medicine for his discomfort, but everything is improving dramatically as time goes by and he is losing some of the wires and tubes!  

This morning they took out the catheter.  We spent the day sleeping or hugging and holding each other, or reading stories, or playing with his little toys.  We were also watching some movies on Netflix.  He likes Veggie Tales :) When the doctors came by tonight they said that he didn't have to have the tube in the nose any more, or any of the wires that monitor heart rate, etc.  He is doing well!

So now we just have the iv line and we were even able to go for a little walk outside of the room and get some new books to read. 

Praises for good recovery so far!  Prayers as the intestine starts to work again, that everything will be as it should. 

Your prayers, your support mean so much to us.  Thank you. 

This morning:  

And tonight!


  1. So glad to see that he is doing so much better! It is amazing how fast they recover!!