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Friday, October 14, 2011

Summer fun

Our summer was filled with chores, playtime, parks, cousins, family time, etc. So I thought I'd just post some shots of things we do daily.

Kathryn posing.

Matthew had this kick where he took off all of his clothes except the diaper and put on Josh's rain boots..  He also has marker on his tummy.  This happens.  A lot.

They climbed trees

We did some crafts.. one was this. Light-sabers made out of pool noodles, duct tape and electric tape

Yeah! I just get a kick out of watching them beat on each other. 

Can you guess which ones I did vs.. the kid ones?  lol yes I'm kind of a Star Wars nerd

Josh lost a tooth

Water fun with our next-door cousins

I think we had popsicles at least once a day. I like to make them w/fruit juice, but this one is a bought one

So my brother made his daughter an amazing play house.. the kids love hanging out in there. It's so fun to live next door to cousins and have a yard to run around and explore in.

Matthew likes spraying water. He got me right in the face once.  Rascal!

A big tree was chopped down. These were some of the logs left over
 The summer was so fun.. I was sorry to see it go by! 

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