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Thursday, October 13, 2011


When the kids are home for the summer I love it.  It gives us a chance to do fun things and be together more.  It also becomes necessary to keep a loose schedule, as (ahem) some discipline issues can arise.  We have a chore chart we use, but I added a couple of things this summer as well. 

Bean Jar.  I added beans anytime I caught them being good.  When it was filled, they got a prize.

This was a lifesaver.  I filled a coffee can with ping pong balls, with jobs written on each.  Any time I heard "I'm bored" they had to do a ping pong job.  You get the Picture! :)

This can is filled with Rewards.  They complete a job, they get a reward.  This was a HIT! I don't know if you can read those but rewards include things like,  "You get to pick our dinner", "Go out with mom or dad", "Family game night", "Get a popsicle" 

I am a firm believer in loving your children and training them in what is right.  I absolutely mess up at times, but we try to teach them good qualities.. to work hard, have a good attitude, love others and be kind.  Maybe also that teacher part of me just wants to motivate them.. especially in a positive way.  If you are rewarded, you will work hard.  I work that way!  

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