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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My parents

My parents just celebrated their 56th anniversary together this weekend. 

I feel so blessed to be their 7th kid.  We have had a life of adventure, and there is so much that I have learned from both of them.  They spent almost 20 years serving as missionaries in Bangladesh, and after I was born we lived in Ecuador for 8 years.  My fondest memories of my childhood are traveling with the family, and living in our giant house next to a river and the church and school.  (My mom was the hostess of the guest house for the mission.  We had a HUGE house to live and play in because of that, and always met new people and had new friends to play with.)  

I have always watched my dad and his fire for sharing the gospel with everyone we meet. We couldn't go anywhere.. even gas stations without him talking to someone! He has such a care for people and always listens and helps... even to those others don't want to talk to.  My mom is always serving others with such a loving and giving heart.  She is the most patient woman, and is such a prayer warrior.   She home schooled us.  Both parents have taught us the important lessons of life.  Even now my parents continue to bless others.  We are so thankful to be living in their 'guest house' next to them.  What a blessing!

Their wedding picture. Aren't they gorgeous? 

Their first anniversary together they went on a boat ride to Catalina. 

And here they are.. 56 years later.  7 kids, 27 grandkids, and 4 great-grandkids as a part of their legacy. 

This time we came along on a boat ride in Long Beach. 

My friend Bety and I have been enjoying working on cakes, and we actually look for excuses to make a new cake and try new recipes and techniques :)  This was a perfect excuse to make a specialty cake.  
This was representative of their lives and travels together.  We replicated their blue suitcase that I remember. Then added the world with places they have lived marked.  The Bible is opened to Mark 16:15 He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.  We also added a rolled up map and a string of pearls, which represents this verse;   But store up for yourselves treasure in heaven,  Matthew 6:20a

Picture of the back and the wheel detail. This is so much fun :)

With just a few of their many grandchildren   

Happy  Anniversary to my parents :)

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  1. This really touched me, Amy. What a wonderful tribute to your parents, and how blessed you are to have been born into their family. Thanks for sharing. (Love the cake, too!)