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Friday, June 24, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all of the Father's in my life!  I love my Daddy.. And I have a great Father-in-law, and 3 Grandpa-in-laws! Blessed!!

Here are some pics and stuff the kids did for their Daddy :)

 In honor of father's day, I had the kids answer some questions about their Dad.  (I stole this from my friend Laura's blog). 

The answers go William(7), Joshua(5), Kathryn(4), Matthew(2)

What is daddy's name? - Wesley/ Wes/ Wesley/name Daddy Wes

How old is daddy? - 31/ 21/ 32/he's Daddy
How tall is daddy? - 6 ft  /6 ft / as big as Ellen's Dad /Daddy 2 1
What color is daddy's hair? black/ black/ brown/ Daddy's hair green
What color are daddy's eyes? green /black /brown/Daddy's eyes white
What is daddy's favorite color? red/ red/red/two
What is daddy's job? he fixes things/works to get money for us/ work /Daddy work
What is daddy's favorite kind of music? i don't know/ trance/worship/music
What is daddy's favorite thing to eat? baked oatmeal/ pizza/crackers and dip/crackers
What is daddy's favorite thing to drink? soda/ root beer/milk/milk
What do you like most about daddy?  he plays games/ he's so nice/that he gives me hugs and kisses/Daddy give hug
What does daddy do best? -hug /work/play games/play with my T-rex

What is your favorite game to play with daddy? -baseball /Star Wars Battlefront 2/Mario Tennis/game

What does daddy know the most about? math /baseball/he knows everything/T-rex

What does daddy like to do for fun? play games/  Play World of Warcraft/games/play with my T-rex 

The kids also helped to make some red velvet cake balls from here

And then we made this card and they wrapped a couple gifts for him.  

Kathryn painted a paper, then we all cut out hearts from it. Matthew added his 'art' all over it too

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