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Monday, November 1, 2010

Star wars costumes

  I have always loved dressing up and putting together costumes.   I must have a drama bug in me or something!   Halloween has become really fun now that we have our sweet kids.  They love dressing up, and it's the best thing ever for them to get candy and do fun things. 

I really, really wanted to make my kids costumes from the Wizard of Oz this year.  Kathryn as Dorothy, with the three boys as the scarecrow, lion, and tin man.  My older boys would have nothing to do with it! They just wanted to be Jedi. When Wes said that he'd dress up as a Jedi too, I decided to just go with it and do Star Wars costumes for the whole family.  And Kathryn was even excited about being Princess Leia.. I mean... she IS a princess, and that's really all that matters! :)

First thing I did was to visit a thrift store.  I found two Karate Gi's for the boys (a little too big so I had to alter the shirts down), a California King sized brown sheet, a tablecloth, and a white cloth. I think I spent $8 for all of that.

They already had belts, light sabers, blaster, brown sweats, and Wes had a Kempo Karate Gi of his own. 

I originally was going to make Matthew a Yoda outfit... I even found a light green sweatshirt to do so...but I found this little lion/bear outfit at the thrift store for about $2. Now he could be an Ewok! YES!

I visited Joann's with a coupon, and bought some costume brown satin, a small amount of silver, and some white muslin.  This was for capes for the boys, and a Princess Leia outfit for Kathryn.

Here's some pictures of how everything turned out for the kids:

For Wes' outfit... he wanted to be Mace Windu.  So, he wore his Karate Gi in White.  Then I made a shirt out of the brown tablecloth.  Then I made a cloak out of the brown sheet.  The lightsaber was funny, because we couldn't find a purple one at the stores.  We would have had to order one online.  Since it wasn't until last week that we decided to be Jedi, I was afraid we wouldn't get it on time.  So, I used a purple plastic tablecloth and covered a red one the boys had. Funny! But hey, it worked!  It wasn't perfect because I didn't use patterns for anything, but for a costume I think it came out pretty good.

My costume was Padme Amidala from  Episode II.  She wore so many outfits in the movies but this one was the easiest and cheapest to put together... the battle outfit.  I wore the white pants from one of the Karate Gi's I got for the boys (ha!), and a long sleeved white shirt that I had. I draped the white material like a cloak.  I made silver bands from cloth, wore boots and a white belt and carried a blaster. 

We had such a fun time being dressed up all alike and got so many comments from people about being the "Star Wars family".  Or, "The Force is strong with this group".  One boy saw Wes and yelled out in amazement,  "WOAH, it's a Jedi Master!"

We spent the evening at Paz Naz' Harvest Festival. The kids bounced in bouncers, played carnival games winning handfuls of candy.  Got Jamba Juice, hotdogs, popcorn, Cotton candy.  Matthew's favorite was a duck fishing game, where they caught ducks out of a mini swimming pool of water. And then got candy for it.  He didn't want the candy... he just wanted the DUCK!  He was a sad little Ewok when I picked him up and carried him away to go do something else.  He kept yelling "Duck, Duck!"   They had so much going on we didn't even get a chance to do everything, but we did have a great time.  :)

We ended the evening with a lightsaber/blaster duel in the parking lot.  Fun night for all of us :)


  1. Good Job Amy! All the costumes look great! BUT I am very partial to that adorable Ewok costume! :)

  2. Thanks Jamie :) Yeah, I was so excited when I found the Ewok stuff.. so much fun! :)