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Friday, November 4, 2011

Last weekend

A whirlwind of activity last weekend.

Friday was devoted to the memorial services for Wesley's Grandpa.

That evening, Grandpa and Grandma Lennertz blessed us by sending us off to a movie while they took care of the kids!  We got to see Courageous. which was an amazing movie.  After the emotional day it was especially moving I think.  I laughed until I cried and then I just cried.  So good!!    

Saturday, we were able to go to the San Diego Zoo with our friends.  What a treat!!  We spent the day seeing animals, chasing our kids and even got to see a Pangolin (one of the only ones in captivity).

Matthew ended up INSIDE the fence with the Pangolin and the zookeeper.  He also disappeared for a minute because he climbed into a helicopter.  Scared me to death, but he was happy.

On the way back from the zoo, Wes and I were laughing so hard because our kids suddenly were in a musical.  Kathryn was singing about princesses and ponies and God and everything she likes. Then she sang about how she didn't like games or Pokemon.  William pipes in and sings back to her about how she SHOULD like those things because they are so fun. Our *cough* stubborn little girl stood her ground singing about how she doesn't like them.  Then Matthew Joined in singing "I LIKE T-REX" over and over again.  I desperately wish we recorded the whole thing, ha ha.   You may have needed to be there, but it was so funny I never want to forget it. :)

We continued our day of fun with Pizza, a kid movie and a couple rounds of Blokus with our friends.  Thanks Jonathon and Janet for a wonderful day :)

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