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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kid update. January

William:  Lost a second tooth.. and swallowed it during dinner.  He's on a school 'team' for Basketball, and has been enjoying that.  He more than doubled his reading goal at school and earned an ice cream party, a ton of free pizza coupons, a book coupon, and coupons to spend at the student store.  Boy THRIVES on competition :) (and his teacher is great... so thankful)
Getting his award at the ice cream party

Joshua:  Has progressed his reading to chapter books, and his writing and everything is improving.  He writes about dinosaurs on most days, so I am challenging him to write about different things! It's cute how even though he can read well, his spelling is still a bit phonetic.  His teacher is so good, though, and I really am grateful how he is being challenged and is learning.  He is learning how to shoot, pass and dribble at basketball, and is doing well :)  I haven't taken pictures at basketball yet.  I spend my entire time chasing Matthew and trying to keep him entertained so he doesn't run in the middle of their practice!

Kathryn:  Accepted Jesus into her heart! It was so sweet.  We were just sitting here at home, playing and doing normal things.  She started talking to me about God and heaven and Jesus.  Then she asked me how you ask Jesus into your heart.  I was overwhelmed by the privilege to share in that special moment with my precious daughter.  We prayed together and it was so great.  She understands and chose for herself! I have been able to lead our three oldest in their prayers, and I will treasure these times in my heart. always!
God's little Princess! :) 

Matthew:  He will be 2 in April, but has hit the Terrible, Terrific twos already.  How can such a little guy be so good at yelling no? And is anything safe from his reach? I'll tell you it's hard not to laugh sometimes, but we are trying hard to be consistent and give him one minute time outs at a time when he needs it. 
His health has been really good, and we are so thankful for that.
If I can be absolutely honest, though, it is hard sometimes.  There are a lot of foods he can't eat, or he'll "go" a lot and get an awful rash.  It makes us sad that he wakes up at night because it hurts.  He tells us when he has to go so we've started putting him on the potty.  Who knows how long it will take for him, so we try to make it as positive as possible and just as he wants.   He is such a blessing though, and we'll do what it takes to make sure he's doing well and is comfortable, and just pray that his life will be fine.. his own normal. 

What floors me is that he had an organ removed, and he's fine. Seriously? God has blessed him with healing, obviously not as I asked for (complete healing and restoration of the cells needed for the large intestine to work).  But healing nonetheless. How many of us need healing? Restoration? Strength? I think that sometimes healing doesn't happen as we expect it to.  But that doesn't mean that God didn't answer our prayer.  Even when it hurts, God is still there and gives us all we need to get through it. 
Oh how He loves us!

Right now it seems like there are SO MANY people in my life that need healing and strength.  God can take these burdens... he's big enough to handle it, and to administer care for our needs. 


  1. Dennis and I are right there with you, Amy. There are hurting people all around us. Thank you for the reminder that God is present and able to carry their (and our) burdens.