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Friday, October 15, 2010

kid activities

Life is in full swing!  Our two boys in school, doing great and loving it. 
Here's a snapshot of them yesterday.  They had a "Dress for Success" day at school.

We have also enrolled the three older kids in a Parks and Rec class of their choice.
The boys picked "Tumbling", and they really enjoy it! I don't have a picture of it yet... I'll bring the camera next time :) 

Kathryn picked ballet. She loves dressing up, follows the teacher's instructions, plays with the other little girls. And it is a HUGE deal for her to have a class of her own. Her brothers and cousins are in school, and now she has Ballet!
You think she likes it? I'm not sure.. :)

Matthew comes and hangs out with me during the class.  I think he wants to join in, but he's not quite old enough.  For now... we arrive early and Matthew will roll around on the mats before tumbling.. Or run around after all the little girls before ballet class.  Then we go outside where we can watch through the glass walls.  He goes from peeking through the class calling "Kathryn, Kathryn!", (sounds more like "yeah yen" but I get it!)  Or pointing and cheering when the boys do a "spider walk" across the mat.  Then he tries to run away from me giggling so I have to chase him or we play and stomp on the leaves that have fallen to the ground.  Doesn't my life sound fun? ;)

Matthew watching the class

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