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Thursday, September 9, 2010

LA County Fair!

On Labor Day we went to the fair and had such a great time! Along came my parents:

(The wheelchair came along to rest in.  I remember bringing it when Johnny and I were younger and we would take turns pushing each other around just for fun)

Also, Johnny and Sarah were there:

Along with their kids, Nathan and Ellen (great buddies with our 3):

And Esther came along too, helping out so much with the kids :)

We got to pet goats and llama's:

The kids got to ride on a (pretend) horse and make rope in the Western area:

We got a chance to see robotic MOVING dinosaurs:

And Joshua got to be a volunteer in the Fossil presentation with a real Paleontologist.  Joshua told him that he was going to be a Paleontologist too, and the presenter shook his hand and told him to keep looking for Dinosaur bones.  Joshua was SO VERY excited :)

We also saw an amazing show with Acrobats. The girls got a picture with one of them:

And then Uncle Johnny practiced doing acrobat moves with the kids:

We found a Rapunzel tower photo spot, and had a blast: 
You take a picture like this: 

And then turn the picture to view it like this: 

The girls had a blast playing in the Princess house:

The boys got their turn trying on Knight and King outfits in the Medieval area:  

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