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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Matthew's Birthday Party!

As always, we were running a bit crazy and late getting everything ready.
It has been so beautiful that we planned to have a BBQ and eat outside.  LO AND BEHOLD!!! It was drizzling rain and freezing cold.  So, I told everyone that we would try to eat outside, but feel free to run in the house and pack like sardines if it started raining.

We had a blast, however.  Wes BBQ'd his amazing chicken, and we had all sorts of foods, with cupcakes and various ice creams and cookies for dessert.  Matthew loved his cupcake, and looked in kind of an awed stage-fright as everyone stood around singing the Birthday song and looking at him.  He started waving at everyone. So sweet!:)   Then he started to enjoy his cupcake.

My favorite part was seeing everyone there.  Some dear friends and family who braved the cold to come and celebrate one year of blessing in form of our Matthew.   We spent time in prayer over him, for complete healing, and thinking about his upcoming surgery.  God is faithful, and in control!

Happy Birthday, Precious Boy!

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