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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I'm a dork... 
I started a blog, my computer broke, and I forgot all about it.  
Now it is March of 2010 and I am writing into my pretty pink laptop that I got from my Wesley for my birthday.  :)

What a life we live!  I love my family.. my kids.. my husband... the house we live in that my grandpa built.  I am realizing that with a small space, it is so important to keep up with the cleaning.  Seriously.  I do two loads of laundry and if it isn't folded and put away immediately, it becomes a pile on the green couch that overtakes the house.  You walk in and see a mountain of clothes.   I take out sewing projects and the house looks like a sewing factory :)  
What an absolute blessing to live here though.  I think every day about what a blessing it has been to live by family and stay rent free.  I think I need to say thank you more often  for this blessing!

Right now I'm procrastinating.  Unfortunately, Matthew has caught a nasty cold and had such a hard time sleeping last night. Now he is taking a nap and making up for the sleep lost last night. And I'm not...  and instead of being a good girl and folding the mountain and cleaning, I'm writing a blog... that I only found because I was messing around on the internet. I'm too tired to work. Hee :)  

I am going to figure out how to add pics and make this page cute.. but now for that laundry and a toy rotation!  

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